Which workout is best for you?

Not sure which workout is best for you?

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5 Fitness Strategies for Moms

Get others around you on board with your commitment.  You can’t do everything for everyone all the time. Sometimes, you need help.    My husband knows exercise is important to me, so he helps me find time for workouts whenever he can.

Schedule it as part of your day just like anything else.  If you’re like me, your appointment calendar is full of tasks related to work and family.  Why shouldn’t you budget time for your workout too?  Plan your workouts for the week ahead and write them down on your calendar.  You wouldn’t skip a meeting at the office or your child’s school, so treat your exercise appointments with the same importance.

Accept that some days will be easier than others, but success is just hanging in there. There are days when the calendar gets turned upside down and my workout doesn’t happen at all, or days when 10 minutes is all I’ve got.  As long as most days, things work out as planned, that’s all you can ask for as a busy mom trying to juggle it all.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.  Just because you don’t have an hour to exercise doesn’t mean 10 or 15 minutes aren’t worth the effort.  Even small amounts of exercise can add up to big results.

Get creative.  Don’t use “lack of time” as an excuse not to exercise.  Involve your kids, break your workout into shorter segments throughout the day, or use time at your child’s soccer practice to get in a workout.  If you are willing to make exercise a priority in your life, sometimes you’ll have to do it in less-than-ideal conditions.  I’d much rather have an hour to myself to exercise, but if it’s 20 minutes with my kids in the room, at least it’s something!


Lose weight by planning ahead

Losing weight requires a commitment that goes beyond simply eating healthier. Planning your meals, grocery shopping, cooking, eating without distractions and exercising all take time and energy. Creating time in your schedule for weight loss , however, not only honors your commitment to lose weight, it honors your commitment to your health. Here are some ways you can plan in advance and reduce your daily food preparation time:
Prechop vegetables twice a week, once on the day you shop and another time midweek. Store them in containers in the fridge for easy access.
Precook protein for the week, like chicken breasts, burgers, hard-cooked eggs. Refrigerate them until needed.
Make big batches of stir-frys, soups and chili on the weekends so you have meals ready for the week.

Lose weight by keeping a food journal

Research has consistently shown that keeping written food records helps with weight loss. It’s easy to underestimate how much we have eaten – we forget about the small amounts of leftovers, the cream and sugar in our coffee and the candy we eat at work. Writing down what you eat helps you remain accountable and makes you more conscious of your food choices. To start, keep a small notebook close by at all times, and accurately record everything – the food you eat, the quantity and how you feel. It’s important to you track your food intake consistently for several weeks and to record it every day – not just on the “good” days. For those of you who prefer to keep track on your phone or online check out http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ and/or download the FREE APP for your phone.


Super Saturday January 05th, 2013


Yesterday I hosted the very first ever Beachbody Super Saturday event! As a new Independent Team Beachbody Coach it was great to meet other coaches and share what Beachbody has in store for us for 2013! Great incentives and great promotions! I am really happy to be a part of such a great business and as the CEO Carl Daikeler said for 2013 BIG GOALS and BIG DREAMS !!!


Have you heard of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset™?

It’s a 21 Day Cleanse but unlike other cleanses, the Beachbody Ultimate Reset™ is a gentle, no-starvation, non-laxative based, total-body reset program.

A combination of supplements and your meal planned every day for every meal there is no way you can fail! Do you have a hard time eating healthy? This Cleanse will show you what to eat and how to prepare it. Did you know it takes 21 days to develop a habit? This is the perfect program to send you in the right direction to eathing healthier!

Here’s an example of what you will eat on Week 1!


Get more info by visiting my website or contact me and i will be happy to share with you what Week 2 and Week 3 looks like!


Oh! And did I mention that you can now have The Dual Kit it’s the perfect configuration for couples, friends, or families wanting to do the Reset together. It includes one Complete Kit and one Refill Kit!